After realizing Cosmo, his GMC van-turned-home was getting a bit cramped, Matthew McConaughey decided it was time to upgrade…to an aluminum trailer. Among the early followers and apostles of Jesus, Matthew is mentioned in Matthew 9:9 and Matthew 10:3 as a publican or tax collector who, while sitting at the "receipt of custom" in Capernaum, was called to follow Jesus. Returning to his roots, McConaughey and fam relocated from California to Texas and nabbed a gorgeous, 10,800 square-foot Spanish-Mediterranean … The Roman Martyrology describes his death as occurring in a territory near present-day Egypt. And to prove that point, below are details of Matthew McConaughey house! EWTN News, Inc. is the world’s largest Catholic news organization, comprised of television, radio, True, he deserted the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane the night he was taken prisoner by the Roman guards. Matthew means “gift of God” in Hebrew, and he was also called Levi in a few passages in the New Testament. The star first met his future wife-to-be at a nightclub in 2006. Why Did Christ Ride a Donkey on His Triumphant Entry? A saint. He spotted the Brazilian beauty while mixing margaritas and partying it up with some friends at a nearby table and decided to go strike up a chat. On hearing this, Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Christianity is the greatest single achievement in the history of mankind and to St. Matthew and his ten comrades goes the credit for having successfully spread the worship of Jesus Christ. [Matthew 9:9] [Mark 2:15–17] He is also listed among the twelve, but without identification of his background, in Mark 3:18, Luke 6:15 and Acts 1:13. How Long In Prison? Matthew and the Angel’, ca. He was loyal to Jesus and once committed, he never wavered in serving the Lord. He is honored in the Church's liturgical calendar on September 21 st. Read Pope Benedict XVI's reflection on St. Matthew. How Matthew died is disputed. Why is melted paraffin was allowed to drop a certain height and not just rub over the skin? Born in Palestine sometime in the 1st century, Saint Matthew was one of Jesus's 12 apostles and also one of the four Evangelists, according to the Bible. or school. McConaughey and wife Camila Alves have three children; Levi Alves McConaughey (born 2008), Vida Alves McConaughey (born 2010), and Livingston Alves McConaughey (born 2012). Because their decisions were enforced by Roman soldiers, no one dared object. Holy Cross Orthodox Press, Brookline Mass. He captured the smallest details. monetization of National Catholic Register RSS feeds is strictly prohibited. According to Matthew 9:9 and Mark 2:14, Matthew was sitting by the customs house in Capernaum (near modern Almagor, Israel, on the Sea of Galilee) when Jesus called him into his company. After McConaughey’s memorable, but brief, appearance at the beginning of the film, many wondered what happened to his character Mark Hanna following the memorable scene opposite Jordon Belfort (aka DiCaprio). Alves would leave the following morning without so much as a smooch or plans for a second date (if you listen close enough, you can hear all the McConaughey fans screaming right now). The Italian theologian explains that his new book seeks to show how all the faithful — laity and clergy alike — are to both teach and defend the truth of Catholic dogma. Matthew served as one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. What is the meaning of AD, BC, BCE and CE? Below are some of his more memorable roles on the silver screen: In 2014, McConaughey even lent his talents to the HBO hit series True Detective, starring opposite fellow actor and friend Woody Harrelson. For that reason, among others, his name can be mentioned in the same breath as the name Jesus Christ. Southern gentleman, sexiest man alive, A-lister, and all-around cool dude – these are just some of the titles Matthew McConaughey has earned since his introduction into the elite world of the rich and famous. Amen.". The home, which is merely a stone’s throw from where his mom lives, was built in 1997 and features 8 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, 2-island kitchen, a water fountain, a massive courtyard, a guest house, and 7 boat slips near the lake which sits only a short distance from the property. We all have Matthew’s in our lives – those of who we are critical simply because of their circumstances or background. St. Matthew traveled at least as far as Ethiopia to spread the Good News, wrote a Gospel, and was martyred for Jesus’ sake. Matthew had been a publican, or tax collector, when Jesus called him. With a career in Hollywood that spans nearly three decades and a boatload of blockbusters under his belt, it’s no surprise that Matthew McConaughey has gained a pretty impressive net worth since he began his acting career in the early 90s. Yes! Matthew is traditionally identified as the author of the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew was a native of Cana, the scene of the wedding feast at which Jesus performed his first miracle of changing the water to wine. St. Irenæus tells us that Matthew preached the Gospel among the Hebrews, St. Clement of Alexandria claiming that he did this for fifteen years, and Eusebius maintains that, before going into other countries, he gave them his Gospel in the mother tongue. Instead, Matthew would pursue a career in acting, and go on to nab small parts in television series and commercials until making his film debut in the cult classic Dazed and Confused (1993). St. Matthew the apostle, once a tax collector, is the Patron Saint of financial matters. Unless he’s hiding a butt tattoo or something (which I’m sure many ladies would volunteer to check for), no, it appears McConaughey is ink-free. According to Christian tradition, he was also one of the four Evangelists and thus is also known as Matthew the Evangelist. Matthew, whose father was Alphaeus (Mark 2:14), was named Levi before his call by Jesus. From that time on, instead of collecting tax money, Matthew collected souls for the kingdom of God. Unique Circular Format – see more in less space. Santa Cruz Historical Commission Recommends Removing City’s Last Mission Bell, Archbishop of Mosul: Europe has Been Weakened by its Denial of its Spiritual and Cultural Roots. But anyone who reads Matthew’s Gospel knows that money was not important to him. Once all the picks had been made, it was time to play ball. We know that Matthew was one of the writers of the Synoptic Gospels that chronicled much of Jesus’ ministry but just like the other disciples, his name vanished quickly from most Biblical records after Jesus’ death. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Everyone wanted to be the first picked, and no one wanted to be the last. print and digital media outlets, dedicated to reporting the truth in light of the Gospel and the It is said that he later lived in Judea before travelling on missionary journeys.Capernaum, on the coast of the Sea of Galilee Tradition says he preached for 15 years in Jerusalem following the death and resurrection of Jesus, then went out on the mission field to other countries. The Apostle Matthew was the son of a man named Alphaeus and he lived in the coastal village of Capernaum. Matthew displayed one of the most radically changed lives in the Bible in response to an invitation from Jesus.

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