They were also helpful and patient in giving advice when we faced issues with assignments. Education challenges your own assumptions and questions your own thought process, which helps to form new knowledge. Discussion focuses on … On top of that, the Business Analytics module was useful for my understanding of the different fundamentals of decision making in business. Thank you Redpoint for MAKING THIS HAPPEN. Click here for Terms and Conditions for Rebates and Offers. The Bachelor of Business in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Public Relations (Double Major) accepts a wide range of qualifications with advanced standing: Applicants admitted to the Bachelor of Business programme may be required to undertake bridging units to fulfil the required prerequisite knowledge. This translates to near-limitless opportunities in travel, tourism, and hospitality PR. BRAVO! I feel that the lecturers are professional, sharing their work experience as a reference for us on several subjects. However, I believe that anyone in a management position should take up this Postgraduate Degree programme. In this saturated market, the Bellmont Partners Tourism & Hospitality Practice Group provides expertise to cut through the noise and make sure your story is heard. Luxury hotels have currently been using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for years. By submitting your request for prospectus, you have given your consent for a Kaplan representative to contact you. They also provide programmes which fit my career needs flawl...", Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Resource Management (Double Major), Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (Single Major), "While building my career, I decided to study part-time to improve my progression opportunities. In the past one saw visitors primarily come from Europe and North America, but with rising wealth tourists are increasingly coming from Asian nations. A passionate Public Relations and Communications professional with a progressive experience of over 18 years, Ritu is an expert in the realm of Travel, Hospitality and Aviation.  Lack of student counseling. We take a personal approach and immerse ourselves in your business to learn what matters most to your visitors. These are relevant to my current job scope where I manage social media accounts of several brands. Beginning a journey, tourists want to know the information about the destinations. Looking back at my past 2 years studying the MBA course, I am filled with gratefulness, mainly for the privilege to expand...", Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics (Single Major), "My choice to study with Murdoch University was due to its highly positive reputation compared to other universities and its association with the Innovative Research Universities network. The best public relations campaign can’t PR initiatives should encompass partners from different industries such as travel, television and entertainment, fashion and lifestyle media. Consumer PR Campaigns Each unit is supported with 24 contact hours. 1. As one of the few institutions offering a shorter programme for my chosen Degree and a part-time option accommodating my work, I opted to study a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (Single Major) with Murdoch University through Kaplan in Singapore. Awareness regarding hospitality industry will increase. Each unit is supported with 24 contact hours. Students have the option to enrol in either single or double majors. If I needed support, the Student Support team always responded quickly to resolve any situation. PRO285 Public Relations in Society As a team lead, I find myself always aiming to inspire and nurture my team to fulfil their highest potential. *Single major refers to Bachelor of Business in Hospitality and Tourism Management or Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. I hope there is much more prosecco and lots of sleep on your agenda. To meet their medical needs, consumers will travel for cosmetic reasons, detoxification programs, and dental hygiene, among others.

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