Product Familiarity. Also, there’s no transparency. And even when you factor in the cost of shipping and the duties charged, the costs are rather competitive and generally cheaper. All Rights Reserved - SOQ 2020, Pros and Cons of Doing Business in China (2020 Updated), 12 Gold Jewelry Manufacturers You Can Do business With, 600+ Classic Necklace Design Ideas You Should Have a Look, 69 Frequently Asked Questions Related to Fashion Jewelry Wholesale 2020, 10 Companies that Manufacture Hair Accessories in China. While there is not a single alternative that covers the world, many countries have a few similar websites. So, if the cost of production is the only thing that worries you about the production of your custom jewelry designs, please go the China way. // Egypt Sourcing and Manufacturing Guide, Top 15+ Alibaba Alternatives in China // List of Supplier Directories For China, The 10+ Best Alibaba Alternatives in Vietnam // How To Source Products and Manufactures In Vietnam. If this is not the case, they are unlikely to take on your order. Just to keep your cost in check, you should not procure raw materials that are of low quality. We hope you found this guide useful and feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments. As a result of the smaller supply chain in most countries, they’ll have to import the goods from a foreign country. It’s also important to note that the manufacturing costs keep rising and you might face some administrative challenges. Even though your competitors are producing their products in China, you have to get the full picture of the production process in the country. If you are skeptic la of making a choice, it is advised to analyze manufacturing in China pros and cons. The Asian market is growing at an incredible rate. One of the risks many people worry about when manufacturing in China … The reason for this is that the factories work with very low-profit margins, which leaves them without the option of accommodating one-off projects. Ask anyone who has had a bad manufacturing experience in China and they will give you a long list of cons but, with the right experience and contacts, many of the disadvantages can be managed and avoided. You may have to deal with a lot of red tape, depending on the product you produce. We wrote a blog post about some key differences when sourcing outside of China. With that foundation we’ve seen China conquering the world of manufacturing. With most of the factories located in remote parts of China, the cost of shipping will be significantly high. We have been in this industry long enough to have already fought these battles for you. The tariffs made thousands of manufacturers cancel their contracts in China and move their factories to countries such as Vietnam. Products that he has sourced have ended up in almost every major retailer for clients from over 30 countries. In China, the process is faster, and many times the shipping takes longer than manufacturing the product. The rising wages in large Chinese cities are also making it hard for investors to turn a profit while maintaining their factories on Chinese soil. With the world changing, people are asking the question: “What is the next China?”. If you’re unlucky, you might find that your products’ quality is lower than what you ask for. Trump’s 25% tariff on imported Chinese goods raised the costs for sourcing products in China. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, Etiam erat lectus, finibus eget commodo quis, tincidunt eget leo. We never share your info. If you’re unsure of the right word, use photos to illustrate what you are saying. The low cost of manufacturing is a welcome relief to anyone in the production industry, with the low cost of production meaning better sales, most of the time. China used to be the premier location for sourcing products, but rising labor costs and increased tariffs make manufacturers look for alternatives to China. We are all aware of the fact that China is one of those markets that offer you the facility of manufacturing a wide variety of stuffs and that too at the lowest rates. Finding a Good Manufacturer. These economies of scale also help companies achieve proof of concept … Now that you have an idea of manufacturing in China pros and cons, you can weigh both the aspects and come to your own decision. Indonesia presents an investment opportunity due to its sheer size. // Sourcing and Manufacturing in India Guide, What Products Are Made In Thailand? Chinese shipping logistics are the largest in Asia, and they have the most extensive network of shipping companies that manufacturers can negotiate with. Moving to a new country can be a great way to improve cost or quality. The other issue associated with doing business or manufacturing products in China is the shipping time and the cost. The goods also take longer to arrive in the US when shipped from India. Although you must factor in shipping and duties costs which won’t apply if you manufacture domestically, it is still likely cheaper to manufacture in China. Conveying this information over a language and time barrier can further complicate your order. Thailand is attractive for its tourist destination status, safety, and developed infrastructure. 3. We want you to have some clear pros and cons of manufacturing in china, so we’ve built a short list. Check out our guide on what countries are best for making certain products. At Blacksmith, we understand the importance of clear communication. Chinese is an extremely difficult language to learn and when you choose to have your manufacturing unit in China, you will need a translator or effective bilingual speakers who can help in establishing the right platform between the two teams.

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