In this literacy worksheet, students are asked to find the words that have silent letters and the answers are found at the bottom of the page. Students study the following: For centuries, people have been challenged by the mysteries that lie beneath the blue depths of our ocean planet. A fill in the blank vocabulary activity and an activity focusing on reading... Astrolabes have been used by explorers and astronomers throughout the ages. The lush Dominican Republic was home to the Taino people, but it also claims to be the first colonial outpost of the Spanish. For this Townsite Era students create their own map of the Loma Linda are, design their own community and use a computer... Students study the life of miners and complete activities showing what they have learned. In this online interactive literature worksheet, students respond to 8 short answer and essay questions about Olive Anne Burns's Cold Sassy Tree. Students complete 6 questions total. In this physics lesson, students measure angles, time and distance of the potato. In this geometry lesson, students convert between different units and use decimals and fractions interchangeable. Young computer scientists learn how the World Wide Web is like a program that runs on the Internet system. They find the fraction of a given amount using the calculator. A reading comprehension based on two texts about the importance of applying sunscreen and a very brief outline of research (2011) into the increased risk of skin cancer for some people working in the construction industry. Scholars observe the growth of bacteria in petri dishes to understand their role in maintaining good health. For this multiplying and comparing time lesson, 4th graders problem solve a plumbing problem scenario to find which amount of time is the least. They examine the ways a writer can capture and hold a reader's attention and write a short personal narrative... Students discuss purposes of planned communities, research examples of planned communities in history, and examine complexities of their local community by interviewing residents and designing their own planned community. Students create a replica of the Galilean Telescope. This is a well-described instructional activity, which students enjoy. As a class, students discuss the portions of their lease that require their landlord to repair damages and which damages they may be responsible for... High schoolers work in small groups to explore temperature as a measure of the average heat or thermal energy of the particles in a substance. The questions are based on an exam question from an Edexcel L2 paper last year that learners found difficult. With answers and curriculum mapping. Basic plumbing lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students learning. The types of pollution caused in the manufacturing and use and the problems in the disposal of this product is examined in this lesson. In this United States presidents worksheet, students learn about the life and presidency of President Lyndon Johnson. Editor’s note They then answer the 8 multiple choice questions. Browse our pre-made printable worksheets library with a variety of activities and quizzes for all K-12 levels. Investigate the procedure for developing computer chips! Students design 'mini museums' that exhibit both historic and current artifacts and information associated with specific professions. Some home schooling parents have... Another area that is important to teach during these times is the idea of service. They reach the enduring understanding, "It is... Students explore the concept of crossing cultures. Explore trees' strategies for surviving winters in cold climates. A resource I created to support my students getting used to what they needed to divide or multiply by to convert between units. They participate in a card game to review researched information. Pupils construct parallel lines with a transversal and find the measures of the angles formed. There are 26 occupations and food choices to match up. Four challenging Functional Skills maths questions to encourage learners to use diagrams to cut shapes out of different materials. Maximize time and engage learners by using children's literature in your science lessons. In this science project worksheet, students create a container that catches a raw egg and prevents it from breaking.

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