Reserve 1/4 cup cookie crumbs. Put the semisweet chocolate in a medium heatproof bowl with 1 tablespoon oil. One 16-ounce package chocolate sandwich cookies, such as Oreo (about 30 cookies), 2 tablespoons vegetable shortening or refined coconut oil. Mix cream cheese and remaining cookie crumbs until blended; shape into 48 (1-inch) balls. I did 1/3 in dark chocolate, 1/3 in milk chocolate, and 1/3 using the chocolate/caramel swirl chips. All rights reserved. The usual way to make Oreo Truffles is with cream cheese, which makes it expensive to make. Put a pot on a medium low heat and melt the butter with the condensed milk. Spread the mixture onto a buttered plate and refrigerate for 2 hours., I am Jen the Beantown Baker. Crush oreos using a food processor. I put them in mini-cupcake liners so they’re easier to handle. I like to use the microwave. Love this post. Work quickly to form the mixture into small balls and place on cookie sheet. subscribe to receive new posts via email: Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Oreo Truffles – made ~100 for me 1 package Oreos 14 oz sweetened condensed milk 1/2 tsp. Those look amazing (again) and I love the red white and blue! Put a pot on a medium low heat and melt the butter with the You can dip these in any flavor of chocolate that you like. Crush oreos … Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. All rights reserved. Freeze 10 min. My plan was to do 1/2 in dark and 1/2 in white, but I burnt the white chocolate in the microwave. Remove 2 tablespoons crumbs to a small bowl and reserve. Dip chocolate balls into melted chocolate and put back on cookie sheet. mint: use mint Oreos … My heart would probably stop about 1/2 way through the batch, but these guys might be worth it. With the waves crashing behind us. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Have a recipe of your own to share?Submit your recipe here. Stir in the cocoa powder and continue to stir for 10-15 minutes until the mixture begins to pull away from the edge of the pot. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Melt the chocolate using your favorite method. Everyone loved these little guys. When set, roll the mixture into small balls and coat them in the chocolate sprinkles (you may need to apply a small amount of butter to your hands to help them from sticking). vanilla extract melted chocolate of your choice. Thankfully, YouTuber withJoshvy shared a super easy recipe that features condensed milk as the sticky binder. I am going to definitely make those strawberries with my daughter this weekend!! Sign up for the Recipe of the Day Newsletter Privacy Policy. In the sand. I also added some vegetable oil to the chocolate to thin it out. These are fantastic! All rights reserved. In the video, she used Cream-O, the local counterpart of Oreos … OMG these truffles are amazing. They're fun to decorate with cookie crumbs or sprinkles, depending on the occasion. Remove 2 tablespoons crumbs to a small bowl and reserve. I love this!! Estimated values based on one serving size. Transfer to a large bowl and knead a few times until completely combined. If you would like to repost one of my photographs, please obtain written permission first. I put about 12 cookies in at a time. From easy classics to festive new favorites, you’ll find them all here. Tap any excess chocolate off, then return to the baking sheet. Pulse the cookies in a food processor to fine crumbs. These look great!! It’s done when you run the spoon through the centre of the mixture and it takes a few seconds to combine again. Engineer by day and baking maven by night. Chris recommends using condensed milk instead of cream cheese so that you don’t have to refrigerate the truffles.

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