The grin faded and he started to look frightened. The reference to "tail" is either to the expression "turn tail" in flight, or to the habit of animals dropping the tail between the legs when frightened; in heraldry, a lion in this position is a "lion coward.". I climbed up and treated her as Fatima had treated me, calling her in low, Only once had she contrived to move, and the result had, There was a legend that the petrol engine, He instinctively shortened the reins and pulled up the, Frightened in a sentence | Short example sentence for frightened[Class 1-5], Blouses in a sentence | Short example sentence for blouses[Class 1-5], Contorted in a sentence | Short example sentence for contorted[Class 1-5], Fractions in a sentence | Short example sentence for fractions[Class 1-5], Dresses in a sentence | Short example sentence for dresses[Class 1-5], Gregarious in a sentence | Short example sentence for gregarious[Class 1-5], Hobbies in a sentence | Short example sentence for hobbies[Class 1-5], Fulfilled in a sentence | Short example sentence for fulfilled[Class 1-5], Waving in a sentence | Short example sentence for waving[Class 1-5], Reawaken in a sentence | Short example sentence for reawaken[Class 1-5], Vile in a sentence | Short example sentence for vile[Class 1-5], Unsettling in a sentence | Short example sentence for unsettling[Class 1-5], Sinister in a sentence | Short example sentence for sinister[Class 1-5], Evil in a sentence | Short example sentence for evil[Class 1-5], Harmless in a sentence | Short example sentence for harmless[Class 1-5], Violent in a sentence | Short example sentence for violent[Class 1-5], Brutal in a sentence | Short example sentence for brutal[Class 1-5], Innocence in a sentence | Short example sentence for innocence[Class 1-5], Disturbing in a sentence | Short example sentence for disturbing[Class 1-5]. Doctors are so scared of being sued that many will refuse to treat high-risk patients or perform difficult operations, medical experts have warned. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The spectacle of anarchy, and the stoppage in payment of taxes frightened the Republican deputies into some approach to sanity. He was frightened by her hard tug and the weight of his armor made him clatter to the floor. cried Vereshchagin in meek surprise, looking round with a frightened glance as if not understanding why this was done to him. They are relaxed when they hear a calm, happy caregiver and tense and rigid when they hear an angry, frustrated, or frightened one. This is the film in which the audience is supposed to see just how bad the bad guy really is and I all have to say is this: I'm a lot more frightened by Lord Voldemort than I ever was by Darth Vader. 3. A few months later there was an open rupture between the king and his own primate, who ultimately was frightened into exile by a sudden accusation of treason. Few things are finer in music or literature than the end of the second act of Die Meistersinger, from the point where Sachs's apprentice begins the riot, to the moment when the watchman, frightened at the silence of the moonlit streets so soon after he has heard all that noise, announces eleven o'clock and bids the folk pray for protection against evil spirits, while the orchestra tells us of the dreams of Walther and Eva and ends by putting poetry even into the pedantic ineptitudes of the malicious Beckmesser. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. to make people feel afraid, doubtful, confused etc. Some of the soldiers were frightened and ran away, others went on filling their bags. Dunyasha, her maid, entered the room quickly and abruptly with a frightened look on her face and showing no concern for her mistress. xP. I see I have frightened you--sit down and tell me all the news. Examples of frightened in a sentence: 1. So, if your dog is not used to having his nails trimmed or is frightened, simply begin slowly and hold his toes firmly for 15-30 seconds during practice sessions. A minute later Sonya came in with a frightened, guilty, and scared look. All Rights Reserved. came Countess Mary's frightened whisper from the door. Frightened in a sentence. In Egypt the Phoenician merchants soon gained a foothold; they alone were able to maintain a profitable trade in the anarchic times of the XXIInd and XXIIIrd Dynasties (825-650 B.C. Accessed 26 Nov. 2020. She gave him an imploring, frightened look. Frightened, the villagers hurried back to their homes and locked the doors. Sentiments of limited independence of the British government had been developing since the very beginning of the settlement (see Massachusetts), and their strength in 1689 had been strikingly exhibited in the local revolution of that year, when the royal governor, Sir Edmund Andros, and other high officials, were frightened into surrender and were imprisoned. Donnie clung to him like a frightened toddler. Favorite Answer. "Why not?" skittered back into the undergrowth making frightened, low pitched rumblings. Natasha glanced with frightened imploring eyes at Prince Andrew and at her mother and went out. "How quiet, peaceful, and solemn; not at all as I ran," thought Prince Andrew--"not as we ran, shouting and fighting, not at all as the gunner and the Frenchman with frightened and angry faces struggled for the mop: how differently do those clouds glide across that lofty infinite sky! Frightened definition, thrown into a fright; afraid; scared; terrified: a frightened child cowering in the corner. He's made my face all bloody, said he in a frightened whisper when the sergeant major had passed on. Your new kitten will be tiny, curious, and possible frightened.

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