The other answers correctly say that Henry’s two sisters were Margaret and Mary. 26 no. [S28] #150 [1879-1967] A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage, Together with Memoirs of the Privy Councillors and Knights (1879-1967), Burke, Sir John Bernard, (London: Harrison, 1879-1967), FHL book 942 D22bup., 1967 ed. King Henry VIII Siblings: Margaret Tudor. Also known as Henry of Winchester, Henry III was king of England, Duke of Aquitaine and the Lord of Ireland. In 1270, Prince Edward left for France and Henry became severely ill. Schwennicke's, Europäische Stammtafeln. A. Stargardt, c1978-1995 (v. 1-16) -- Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, c1998- Medieval Families bibliography #552. This put barons and the church against Henry and de Montfort, being a charismatic leader, managed to motivate many barons and warriors to side with him. Henry III, also known as Henry of Winchester, was king of England from 1216 until 1272. Pub., 1977), FHL book Q 942 D22pg., vol. After the death of his uncle Stephen, Henry became King of England. 1 p. 72. At the time of his death, his wife stood by him. She would maneuver her way back from exile about 11 years later. 1 p. 60-62, 120-129, 172-210, table 2 pt 1. [S536] #11577 Ættartolurbækur Jóns Espólíns Sysslumanns (1980-), Espólín, Jón, (Reykjavík: Samskipti, 1980-), FHL book 949.12 D2e v. 6; FHL microfilms 73,257-73., p. 98-99. Luneburg: Sternischen Buchdruckerei, 1730-1731), FHL microfilm 1,051,694, items 4-6., vol. As for his real mission sources differ whether Brandon was really meant to retrieve Henry's beloved little sister or to promote a new marriage for the young widow. Though it's not entirely clear if her was already in love with someone else, it wasn't long after Louis XII's death on New Year's Day 1515, not quite three months since their wedding, that her eye settled on Henry's closest friend, Charles Brandon, 1st duke of Suffolk. His father, King John, also remained a controversial figure and was quite unpopular but Henry III’s unpopularity was a little bit redeemed by the fact that under his reign, England opened up to a certain degree of prosperity and political and social advancements. [S18] #374 The Lineage and Ancestry of H. R. H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (1977), Paget, Gerald, (2 volumes. [S32] #89 A Genealogical History of the Kings of England, and Monarchs of Great Britain, & C. From the Conquest, Anno 1066 to the Year, 1677, Sandford, Francis, (London: Thomas Newcomb, 1677), FHL microfilm 599,670 item 3., p. 87, 92-94. King Henry III was born 1st October 1207 and died 16th November 1272. Family History Department. He was born in 1207 as the heir to the royal English throne after King John, his father. 26 p. 12-31. This biography profiles his childhood, family, life history, rule, administration, timeline and other facts. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Henry VIII A Summary Pages Guide Henry VIII Timeline Mark Holinshed's Articles Henry VIII, the Reign A New Look Royal … Home » House of Plantagenet » King Henry III of England 1207 – 1272. (2020). aged 65 years old. When William died of sickness in 1219, Henry was still very young and somehow unable to rule on his own and hence, Hubert de Burgh became his chief advisor and played a great role in reconfirming the charter in 1223 and established peace with Wales. [S70] Plantagenet Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families, Richardson, Douglas, (Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. [S8] Les Capétiens, 987-1328 (2000), Van Kerrebrouck, Patrick, (Villeneuve-d'Ascq [France]: P. Van Kerrebrouck, 2000), FHL book 929.244 C171v., p. 226. But the crown wasn't quite done with Mary's branch of the family tree just yet—while she herself had served as queen of France for a matter of weeks, one of her descendants would cut their rule even shorter. A small portion of any purchases from these sites goes directly toward funding and supporting Trees of blue. But Henry did have siblings who survived infancy, three of them in fact; his older brother, Arthur, whose death at age 15 led Henry to become heir to the throne; his older sister Margaret… [S35] Handbook of British Chronology (1986), Fryde, E. B., editor, (Royal Historical Society guides and handbooks, no. [S21] #798 The Wallop Family and Their Ancestry, Watney, Vernon James, (4 volumes., Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, Celebrities Who Are Not In The Limelight Anymore.

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