Its true meaning is tied in with the genocide of Native Americans, because of the imagery throughout associated with the American West – for instance, cans of Calumet Baking Powder noticeable in the background of two central scenes – because a calumet is a ceremonial pipe, and the cans featured the image of a Native American, therefore American imperialism is the subtext of the film, duh. -OberRanks (talk) 05:37, 4 November 2008 (UTC), The entry for Klemperer's 1962 recording was deleted here [1] and again here [2]. No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below. Citing contractual obligations to deliver an R rating, Warner Bros digitally altered the orgy for the American release, blocking out graphic sexuality by inserting additional figures to obscure the view, avoiding an adults-only NC-17 rating that limited distribution. Others have conjured deeper meanings, such as that the orgy was a Satanic cult, out to overthrow Bill. To exaggerate the distrust between their fictional husband and wife, Kubrick would direct each actor separately and forbid them to share notes. Your email address will not be published. --Kleinzach 06:49, 25 February 2009 (UTC). This alteration of Kubrick's vision antagonized many cinephiles, as they argued that Kubrick had never been shy about ratings; A Clockwork Orange had an X-rating.A complete, uncut version has been released by Warner Bros. Pictures, and is avaiaible on DVD. As shady and super wealthy Victor Ziegler says at one point, “If I told you their names I don’t think you’d sleep so well.” Also note the very title of the film is a reference to the 1%ers who know exactly what’s happening but don’t say a word about it. The fact that the main character is saved by Leonore from a "chorus of judges" is one of them. Bill is ready to cheat on his wife with Domino, but then his wife, Alice, calls and after lying to her, Bill probably feels guilty and decides to leave. All his films after and including 2001…followed a similar vein, with Kubrick getting involved in everything that went on. During the course of shooting Eyes Wide Shut, the director filmed 95 takes of Tom Cruise walking through a door. Examples: COS is a secret society which requires complete faithfulness at its upper levels, lack of which is rumored to bring a persons demise, FIDELIO = FAITHFULNESS, which brought death to Nightingale and Mandy, Obsession with Naval Officer - L.Ron Hubbard (church founder) was a naval officer, Costume is bought at Rainbow fashions - "Go Beyond The Rainbow" = scientology motto, In the final dialog between Ziegler and Bill,Victor is shot for a long time with a SHIP behind him. Edit, The draft screenplay refers to her as being "maybe 14." Top 10 Worst Thanksgiving Dishes & How To Improve Them, Top 10 Celebrity ‘Suicides’ Via Doorknob Hanging, Top 10 Steps to Cooking a Perfect Pan Seared Steak. Also to note: although Zeigler is also married, he clearly fusses over Bill's wife Alice when they arrive at his Christmas party at his house earlier in the film. Since he was going to pay Domino for her services, Bill gave her the money anyway, because he acknowledged he wasted Domino's time and probably lost her money that she could have gotten if she was in the street looking for another costumer this whole time. For those with their eyes open, there are plenty of money shots. Why did Jon Snow die? Edit, They were just random strangers. (He also liked the idea of Steve Martin.) As for the masks, Victor says "those weren't just ordinary people", implying that they may be politicians or other well-known people who can't have themselves discovered.On the other hand, if this is a real cult, rather than a bunch of play actors, then we can't even speculate on their motives. After the opening ceremony is over, the masked man would probably then check on who this newcomer is which leads to Bill being tracked down and ultimately being led before the cult leader. This was done to clear up the confusion about whom she actually made love to. During the making of The Shining, he’d put Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall through so many takes to figure out what he wanted, he notoriously caused Duvall to have a nervous breakdown. Required fields are marked *. He’s not credited, but the film’s director can be seen sitting in a booth at the Sonata Café. There is another theory that it may be Sandor Szavost with a mistress.However, it essentially doesn't really matter who the couple are; what is important is that they have spotted Bill. In this film, director Stanley Kubrick gives clues that are mostly visual rather than in straight dialogue. "Fidelio" comes from the Latin root "fidelis," meaning "faithful," which ties in to one of the major themes of the film: Can husbands and wives be truly faithful to each other? As it turns out, understanding the meaning behind all of those masks might unlock the secret to understanding the entire movie. Would things have turned out better for everyone involved if Bill Harford had followed the advice of rich and powerful friends like Ziegler, turned a blind eye, and kept his eyes wide shut? -OberRanks (talk) 05:29, 4 November 2008 (UTC), Yes, no connection and no longer really an issue since its already on the disambig page. ( Log Out /  What is the true meaning of the Mad Men Season 7 finale ending? There are pictures readily available on the internet from a large gathering in the 1970s that the Rothschild family hosted with masked guests and somewhat disturbing table decorations of shattered porcelain baby dolls. All this seems to suggest that she is all seeing, her eyes are wide open. Why does Don Draper smile? Does someone have a problem with Klemperer's 1962 recording? What are the origins, legend and story behind the dreamcatcher? The documentary, filmed at the Kubrick household in St Albans, England – one half of the house taken up by these boxes, relics – explores among other things the photographic research for 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut, everything from doorways to mortuaries and “every costume shop in the South East of England”. The documentary shows photographs of his gang of droogs trying on every hat going in an effort for Kubrick to pick the ‘most sinister’ for 1971’s A Clockwork Orange, before settling on the infamous bowler that would become synonymous with sociopathic Alex DeLarge.

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