Through the mid 1990s, the state’s citrus growers regularly filled more than 200 million boxes a year of oranges and 50 million boxes a year of grapefruit. You can see where there are citrus-related quarantines at Even with the lower forecast, the state remains the national leader, at nearly 59 percent, in the production of oranges. Figures posted Friday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture indicate overall production of oranges, grapefruit and other specialty crops is off more than 10 percent from an initial forecast in October. If the citrus is not coming from a commercial packinghouse, but rather from a yard, it would not be allowed. The right to possess and use private property is a fundamental right protected by the U.S. and state constitutions, the origins of which precede the founding of our Republic. This is ridiculous to think of the millions of your tax payer $$ being spent on various research and we have something worth pursuing but because we are not a US based research institute we don't get the time of the day. The notable exception is that commercial citrus fruit is allowed to enter Texas if it’s not from an area like Florida that has one of the few diseases that might be transmitted on the fruit.” Please. I am moving from Washington state to Arizona. Two seasons ago, the state’s grapefruit growers filled 7.76 million boxes. USPS should be adhering to Ag restrictions, but the rules are very unspecific. To find more information about APHIS' citrus health programs, you can go to our Citrus Health Response Program page. @Albert – thank you for reaching out regarding purchasing a commercial citrus tree in a quarantine area. :) Good article as I'm thinking of growing a Kaffir lime tree in my home (indoors) for seasoning and having fresh leaves available when needed by freezing them. Separate from the department’s budget, lawmakers included $8 million for research into citrus disease in the state’s spending plan (SB 2500) for next fiscal year. Is it possible the trees contacted disease while planted that showed on already forming fruit? We will work to get that fixed, in the meantime, please find the quarantine map here: @Citrus Fan - Because this blog post is several years old, USDA no longer supports the website and the mapping element described in this blog post. Am I in danger of being fined or was this transaction the nursery’s fault for moving the trees at all? Love citrus trees. But gone are the days of sharing the fruit trees or seeds with friends and family out of state or even in the next county. Can I buy a citrus tree from a commercial grower in a quarantine area to plant at home also in the quarantine area? There are no other signs of greening, canker or leaf miner activity on the tree or leaves. The quarantines that apply to citrus in California are for the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) and Huanglongbing (HLB) or citrus greening. Given PLF’s reputation as the top watch dog for private property rights in the United States, we were asked to weigh in through an amicus brief. There are also companies in Mesa and Tucson who have agreed to treat homeowner’s fruit for them: Orange Patch in Mesa and Micander Enterprises in Tucson. “With very few exceptions, no citrus plants, or even pieces of citrus plants are allowed into the state from anywhere. The word "our" is misleading since it suggests that the map and associated link is to a USDA managed page, but the link goes to a NON-USDA site. Appropriately given the property rights it seeks to protect, the bill is numbered  “SB 1776.”. © Pacific Legal Foundation, 2020. @Diane Baxter - Hi Diane, yes, you can buy a citrus tree from Home Depot. I recently came home from vacation and found my two lemon trees (in Pots) tagged and quarantined. We have alfalfa and (now, all of a sudden) pistachios. In order to do this in your home, you must wash and brush the citrus to clean it thoroughly. An official website of the United States government. Would that the courts in Florida were privy to these basic historical facts. Ron DeSantis, includes $2 million for the Citrus Research and Development Foundation to seek proposals to conduct large-scale scientific trials on new planting techniques designed to increase production. Cultivating marijuana plants and leasing, operating or owning a grow house in the state is illegal. Hoping for accurate, current information from our USDA, government source. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Official websites use .gov @meryl eldridge - Hi Meryl, thank you for bringing that link to our attention. It doesn’t matter whether the plants are being grown for personal use or for a commercial purpose. When infected trees, fruit, clippings, equipment or even workers are moved to a new area, the disease comes with them. Here are all the basics you need to know about growing citrus trees. We recommend reaching out to your State Plant Regulatory Office at (916) 654-0317 or for more information. Please fix this. I try to dissuade them, but I'm the only one it seems. Under the amended ordinance most any item is allowed in a resident’s front yard, including trees, bushes, fruit, pink flamingoes, plastic deer, and garden gnomes. still struggling from 2017’s Hurricane Irma, PolitiFact Florida: Trump wrongly says Democrats oppose hurricane disaster aid for Florida. And it would be very nice if both the USDA and various state equivalents would include links to homeowner restrictions so we would not have to depend on q/a sites like this one. Or, do I need to bag it and have it quarantined before moving to a restricted area (Alabama to...??? Nowhere near enough water to support all that - but that's a different rant. I love Citrus trees. The Hill: Say ‘no thanks’ to Thanksgiving mandates, Governors can’t single-handedly govern during COVID-19, Supreme Court dissents’ role in shaping our laws. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS Thank you !! The lime had a fruit on it the size of a golf ball and their were two others that were slightly smaller and forming. The California Department of Food and Agriculture can provide the most comprehensive guidance local to your area. Early detection is the most cost effective method to prevent citrus disease outbreaks with minimal impact on homeowners, the environment, economy, and U.S. agriculture. Estimates of citrus production in Florida continue to slide as the 2018-2019 growing season nears an end. It’s not just commercial citrus that is susceptible to these diseases. California’s citrus pest exterior quarantine (CCR 3250) requires a USDA-issued certificate for commercial fruit coming from a Texas packinghouse. There seems to be no inspections any longer. But after 11 years of fighting a debilitating disease, Florida's citrus industry is in a sad state. Help us out! I trusted the nursery to pick out the trees for me (which in hindsight was probably a mistake). “Again, we see that we are not out of the woods yet in terms of recovery,” Florida Department of Citrus Executive Director Shannon Shepp said in a prepared statement. In Florida, oranges are so important that they're on the state's license plates. Florida Supreme Court: You can’t grow vegetables on your own property February 17, 2018 I By TIMOTHY SNOWBALL The right to possess and use private property is a fundamental right protected by the U.S. and state constitutions, the origins of which precede the founding of our Republic.

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