Your email address will not be published. Most of the Free Range Beef is from Fairfields Farm near Napier. The Cotswold Beef taster box was a standout for wow factor and flavour. We do change suppliers and farmers occasionally so feel free to enquire. Australians 'get more pork on the fork' these days, eating over 20kg per person in 2016, up from 14.4kg in 1991. Free-roaming, pasture-fed cows have evolved naturally to forage and are not forced onto grains. For further information Contact Flinders + Co. Head Office 03 8393 0910 or send us an email here. They supply Johannesburg, Pretoria and around Gauteng. Well, an average supermarket chicken is grown to around 35 days, so a Fosse chicken lives more than twice as long. FREE RANGE BEEF – Dry aged 14 days on the bone . Flinders + Co. is meat company. Ethical meat suppliers. It is keen for customers to taste the subtle difference in the quality of its meat, and the lamb is a great place to start. I am not. Although I do eat meat, it is seldom centre stage on the plate. The meat is as full of flavour as it is nutritionally rich. You have to taste it to believe it. FREE RANGE LAMB – Dry aged 7 days on the bone, All lamb in this pasture reared range is sourced in the Karoo. Why is this significant? I source my meat from ethical, organic growers. We supply some of the best chefs and retailers in the country. The ethical veal is a speciality, and a particularly tasty inclusion. The box has a great variety of cuts in generous sizes (a total of 5kg of meat) and for every box sold £1 is donated to “Friends of the Lower Derwent Valley”, a conservation charity and it makes every effort to reduce its food waste. If I am going to eat meat, I want to know that the animals lived a happy, healthy life. Meat eaters can reduce their impact on the environment without giving it up altogether – simply by making meat a treat and choosing wisely when you do. They are born in pens where sow and piglets can walk around. No fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics means the meat is healthy for you. But our meats of choice are changing. The farming and dry ageing clearly captures flavour, too. All the farms featured are in tune with nature, creating the healthiest, most nutritious and best tasting meat. All cuts are butchered to order, all sausages are produced hand tied the day before delivery and the burgers prepared by hand by the kitchen team, which is a nice touch. Not in Australia, and I can’t think of any meat supplier in the world doing this stuff. ... We do our best to source poultry from the most ethical, honest and free range sources available to us. It is a family run farm situated between Craddock, Somerset East and Pearston in the Eastern Cape. No loo roll!Funded by ... People often ask, what kind of folks need your service and use your service? Their product enjoys full traceability and is slaughtered in Bredasdorp very near to the farm. Ethical Farmers home deliver grass fed & finished beef grass fed & finished lamb pasture raised chicken free range pastured pork. Our Meat. We slow roasted the chuck roast joint to make the most tender beef ragu that made at least six meals, we turned the lean mince into homemade meatballs (that’s now become a favourite meal) and steaks into thin strips of the most beautifully tender crispy beef., Boomplaats Organic Free Range Beef – visit to see retail outlets in the JHB and PTA areas, To see why you should support free range farming and vote with your purchasing power against factory farming, visit this link. They are honourable trend setters, with the best intentions.” Ollie Hansford Stokehouse, Melbourne. The USP of Fosse Meadows chicken is that they are grown to 81 days. It was born out of an inherent desire to do good. With no natural predators on the land, the venison, cattle and pigs are culled once a year to produce every cut of “wild range meat” imaginable, from grassy steaks and fragrant fennel sausages to bacon, which is beautifully marbled the whole way through. This Yorkshire farms’ tagline is “food as a by-product of conservation”, but that doesn’t mean this meat is just a second thought, though. Knepp Wild Range meat is our Best Buy because it showcases the best of living in harmony with nature.

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