This may be due to less exposure to predation from high-flying birds which provides good protection. A recent study found that Eastern Kingbirds are more likely to use the most available nest resource in their surrounding habitat. The Eastern Kingbird is highly aggressive toward nest predators and larger birds. Atlas of Breeding Birds of Tennessee. 2007. 9 Jul. Beezhive.Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain. Kingbirds populations have slowly declined in North America over the course of the past half century. Accessed 21 Sept. 2016. One study looked further into the effect that the bird’s behavior has on its breeding success. Length and wingspan from: Robbins, C.S., Bruun, B., Zim, H.S., (1966). Wikimedia Commons. Also, when the birds’ nest canopy cover is generally lower and smaller in size, the nest success is higher. When the results were analyzed, the study found that the birds did indeed exhibit a pattern of delayed breeding. The Sibley Field Guide to Birds in Eastern North America. The survival rate of the kingbirds in the floodplains in this study was the only factor measured that was much higher than the other populations’ survival rates. Your email address will not be published. Maintaining shelterbelts and forested corridors along streams is necessary to protect Eastern Kingbird habitat in Washington. Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus). Knopf, Alfred, 2003. This has allowed them to become slightly dominant and more aggressive than the male. I am not able to open it without a screwdriver which I will take with me tomorrow to look at the nest. It found that the Kingbird will typically dispose of any added cowbird eggs within twenty-four hours. There have also been numerous studies regarding the Eastern Kingbirds’ survival capabilities. The box is located in a park setting on the edge of an open field. Find a nest? One experiment attempted to measure the interactions of Cowbirds with the Eastern Kingbirds. 3, Mar. Habitat: Breeds in open areas including fencerows, grasslands with scattered trees, orchards etc. Of the two different types of nest “variables” being measured in the experiment, (one being a nest full of a mother’s unhatched eggs and the other being full of a mother’s young), there were no distinct results showing if an adult kingbird was more likely to defend their unhatched young as opposed to hatched young. Our bluebird/tree swallow box was vacant this year. It is obvious that something is nesting inside with twigs sticking out of the hole and bottom piece. It is a long-distance migrant wintering from northwestern South America throughout the Amazon basin. The box is located in a park setting on the edge of an open field. A study was performed to test different populations of Eastern Kingbirds on their response to nest predation in one controlled environment and whether or not they protected their young. “Eastern Kingbird – Topic Overview.” All About Birds,      Once a kingbird was observed to knock a Blue Jay out of a tree and cause it to hide under a bush to escape the attack. Since there are more males than females in a typical kingbird populations, the female kingbirds often have more than one mating partner during their lifetimes. This was probably due to certain birds having grown up in environments where crows were not common. The Eastern Kingbird is a medium-sized dark gray and white flycatcher that, despite its common name, breeds abundantly west of the Mississippi River as well as throughout eastern North America. I have checked thousands of bluebird boxes in my 37 years as a professional naturalist. It returns to North America when the fruit’s availability drops with the changing of seasons. A high concentration of this tree is found in central Brazil, and the Eastern Kingbird migrates in large numbers to the center of the tropical South American Country. This delayed breeding that was observed is due to the aggressive nature of the birds, which results in the birds taking a longer time to find nesting space as well as a partner with which to reproduce. 2000. I have never seen a kingbird take residence. They arrive … (Murphy, Michael). There was a clear genetic and behavioral advantage correlation between female and male kingbirds. Although the study helped to show how the kingbirds often respond to parasitism, it is difficult to currently detect the rate of nest parasitism in the species. Want to know who you might find living in your area? While the Eastern Kingbird aggressively defends its nest and mate during the breeding season, it usually travels in flocks in the winter. A. Knopf, New York, NY. Kingbirds can sometimes fall prey to other larger birds such as hawks, crows, and even arboreal snakes and tree squirrels. “Eastern Kingbird.” Audubon, Eastern Kingbird. Kingbirds tend to avoid nesting near heavily forested areas as it provides less open space for hunting and mating. Murphy, Michael. Information about birds and their nesting habits! “Density-Dependent Age at First Reproduction in the Eastern Kingbird). 2, 1995, pp. So, it is more likely for kingbird nests to be parasitized by a member of its own of species rather than another. Nesting and reproduction: Both male and female aggressively defend territories, often returning to former territories in subsequent years. Public Domain. Since the Kingbird has two types of songs, this may contribute to its mating success.

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