It’s a Messy Margarita Mix Massacre! I like it on ice, my wife prefers it blended with ice so I just add a shot or 2 of tequila. SalUd, Dan! Not as sweet as some others. I know Kirkland’s (Costco) tequila wasn’t your favorite, but have you tried their margarita mix? All-natural, no preservatives, 100% delicious! Like, a lot. Instacart has bottles available for $7.99, so don’t worry about having to scramble to Costco to get your margarita on. We don’t boss you around; we’re simply here to bring authenticity and understanding to all that enriches our lives as men on a daily basis. At  $31.49 it was definitely a fun party drink, and I expect we will have some again over the course of the Summer. Because of the brilliant margarita taste you get in such a small amount, this syrup gives you room to become an apartment mixologist. Do you work with them? It’s what friends do for friends! Have you tried Santa Fe Mixes Fresh Lime Margarita? I will give Ripe a try. You have great taste in music. The Golden Margarita comes from Costco’s brand Kirkland. We’re here to make sure every margarita is delicious. All rights reserved. A super-potent and condensed syrup made of lime juice, cane sugar, and chili spice, you’re supposed to dilute W&P with water and simple syrup, but these rules are made to be broken. Pour your favorite tequila in a glass with ice, add a small but potent drizzle of W&P syrup, a splash of fresh lime, sparkling water, a little beer, whatever! Sometimes, though, that’s not an option. Taste. This was great! Mix ingredients together without ice (or with ice if you really need to). ~Flying Nun Rhonda. They have knocked $5 off the bottle making it $26.49. Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita is made from a refreshing combination of 3% real lime juice that is perfectly balanced with gold tequila and premium triple sec liqueur. (Numbers below reflect the glass numbers Lippy was using in the blind tasting), 5. Always a hit with young crowd who like to taste new and experiment. (Numbers below are listed in descending order of. When we try making a margarita mix from scratch we can hear bar expert Jon Taffer’s voice booming “Failure!” and “Go look at yourself in the mirror!” Step away from the limes and leave the marg mix to the expert himself with a bottle of Taffer’s own Margarita Mix. It’s an emotional roller-coaster fueled by some sugary chemical concoctions! Since the pre-mixed concoction is 78% juice, it’s best for margarita drinkers who dig a sour, cheek-twisting experience. Many customers have in fact stated that this margarita mix is very sweet and tasty, which makes it great for blended drinks. Your email address will not be published. (Numbers below are listed in descending order of Th’ Lip’s preference), Thank you, Chris! Rim a Margarita glass with agave nectar, then dip glass in a plate of Kosher salt. 3/4 part agave nectar Best Margarita Mix Blind Tasting: 7 bottled brands (episode 97) tequila review Are you ready for the wettest, stickiest, and most SURPRISING Margarita mix BLIND TASTING? Dan (and Tommy’s) was very forthcoming about the “duff” bottle I received (bought by ME in my home town). *1 part water, 1/2 part juice from Clementine orange Let me preface this all by saying these Costco margs are not new to many Costco devotees. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On the upcoming sequel show (date as of yet unknown) “Tommy’s” will certainly get a 2nd chance at bat. Water, cane sugar (not agave nectar, true, but much better than HFCS! At 12.7% Alc by Vol the label suggests the bottle contains 17.5 standard drinks. This served most brands well, though the brands with the most ingredients were the ones whose suggested ratios asked for more mix in proportion to the tequila. But if you like your margarita a bit more blended, try dressing it up in a blue lagoon margarita. I’ll contact them for the “sequel” show that I’ll be doing later this year. Thanks for watching! We're just here to help you have more FUN with the "Whisperer" Show! Gran Dovejo – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 96), Treasure Bottles in your neighborhood (episode 98) tequila review. It’s sad the Lip got a bad bottle of Tommy’s. Your email address will not be published. My Margarita Recipe that I have dialed in after several adjustments: 2 parts 100% agave blanco tequila If margaritas aren’t a go-to cocktail but you need a quick, cheap mix, get Stirrings Simple Margarita. 1/2 part lime juice We should have owned the rest of these so-called mixers and will on the “Sequel”. Let it cool for one minute. If you don’t have the time to make margaritas at home, try Costco’s ready-to-make margaritas. Try one of his cool recipes like Spicy Mango Margarita, co-created by famous mixologist Brian Van Flandern. Organic Blue Agave is the primary sweetener, mixed with five different kinds of organic citrus including lime, key lime, mandarin, tangerine, and something called calamansi (a lime grown largely in the Philippines). Kirkland Signature's premium, ready-to-drink golden margarita cocktail was created with the original 'south-of-the-border' margarita recipe in mind. Click the link below to sign up, and WELCOME! With a deal this good, you don’t want to waste any time! How to Grab a Bottle for Yourself. Another good brand for making a batch of margs is Lefty O’Doul’s Key Lime mix. Tres Agaves is never not a good idea when making margaritas, and the fresh lime flavor is enough to mix directly with tequila, even if you’re down a bottle of triple sec. Do not be enticed by any neon-green, five-dollar, plastic-bottle margarita mix at the store. I've tried many others and this one is smoother than the Cuervo mix, more flavorful than the Organic Lime mix, and less sweet than the Margaritaville mix (which is my second favorite). I’ve had the Costco Non-Alcoholic Lime Margarita mix before and I love it! It tasted just like a margarita should – the tequila was noticeable, as was a hint of Triple Sec, and the sugar was not overdone meaning it retained the sourness you expect from a margarita. You didn’t try Lefty O’Douls or Agalima, both are very good. It will not taste good and you will look like a chump. Cheggitout! Your privacy is well-guarded. As our name implies, we offer a suite of expert guides on a wide range of topics, including fashion, food, drink, travel, and grooming. We never sell or leak your private info. Its zesty citrus flavours and rich golden tequila finish makes it a true margarita conniossures delight! As tried and true tequila enthusiasts, we’ve tried a lot of margaritas and tequila cocktails in our time. The appropriately named Golden Margarita combines the simple sweetness of cane sugar and 100% agave wine with the tartness of real lime juice. A 24oz bottle is only $6.99 and the taste is across the board delicioso. Pour mixture into glass (you will probably have a little left over to top off again). As I said on the episode I have used “Tommy’s mix” for years and loved it to the point that I was SURE it was going to trounce all comers (and you can witness the S H O C K on my face in the episode when I learn the identity!) Fill glass with rocks (ice). After trying a lot of mixers, we found the five best pre-mixed margarita mixers that perfectly balance lime and sweetener for a drink that is super-simple to make and delicious every time. Organic Blue Agave is the primary sweetener, mixed with five different kinds of organic citrus including lime, key lime, mandarin, … It’s quite good. Learn how your comment data is processed. Although, I plan on trying the tweeked-to-perfection recipes John posted here. For summer 2020, Costco has unveiled a new Strawberry Margarita Wine Cocktail that is already filled with booze.

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