Promotion is a form of communication with an additional element of persuasion to accept ideas, products, services and hence persuasive communication becomes the heart of promotion, the third element of marketing-mix. Gary Armstrong defines promotion mix as, “A company’s promotional mix includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing. Limited only by the imaginations of Internet Web designers, social media offers marketing vehicles, such as magazines, forums or discussion sites, weblogs, social blogs, microblogs, instant messaging, email, crowdsourcing distributed to a specific group of people, photographs or pictures, articles, video, and wikis or collaborated websites allowing additions, modifications, and deletions. Therefore marketing team must consider this growing demand for sales promotion and should accordingly make arrangements so that they remain in competition which is growing like a virus. Sales Promotion – Is gradually getting cluttered and expensive, has short-term results, makes consumers deal-prone, can erode brand equity and loyalty. September 18, 2013. Once the prospect has achieved familiarity about the product and product line of the organisation through advertisement, the salesperson finds it easy to get an appointment. It provides valuable and reliable consumer and sales data, as well as clear, quantifiable success metrics for analysis. If number of retailers are less, the personal selling may be feasible to manufacturers and wholesalers. All can be consolidated into one profile via aggregation platforms. In order to meet the competition, every producer has to persuade customer about their specialty of producing that particular product. The marketer of shopping goods place more emphasis on personal selling because customer in purchasing such items require an advice from the salesmen and a comparison of goods with the other brands of the same product in the same store or in different stores. Unlike traditional forms of marketing communications such as advertising, which are one-way in nature, the new media allow users to perform a variety of functions such as receive and alter information and images, make inquiries, respond to questions, and, of course, make purchases. Content Guidelines 2. Price Deals: Co-promotional sales, or price deals, involve two different products. The ideal end result of public relations is for the information to serve both the source and the public interest. Such items have a large and geographically dispersed market, advertisement is the most suitable form of mass communication for people to react at large at the lowest cost per contact. Costs involved in publications and media management is comparatively lower than advertisement and other promotional elements. Here, the marketer employs a combination of the three primary methods of promotion — advertising, personal selling and sales promotion. Trade Sales Promotions – target organizational customers such as dealers, distribution channels or sales teams that stimulate immediate sales such as sales incentive contests or dealer wholesale price discounts. Although personal selling dominate the scene in industrial marketing, advertising is also used widely, mainly for economic reasons. A promotion strategy involves the coordination of ail communication efforts aimed at specific audiences—consumers, dealers, the government shareholders and so on. Sales promotion activities such as discount on sales or gifts on bulk purchases, etc., also play valuable roles in marketing the goods. The manufacturer (communicator or source) transmits the message to the target consumer through mass communication methods —advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity—in order to create the demand for the product. 2. Public relations is the management of a message between an individual or organization and the public. In 2010, the top three incidents faced by organizations involved sharing too much information in public forums, loss or exposure of confidential information, and an increased exposure to litigation. It will be economical per contact but it will require lump sum amount which a small firm cannot afford. Art of personal selling is defined by D.D.Couch as, “science of creating in the mind of your prospect a desire that only possession of your product will satisfy”. Direct marketing allows businesses and nonprofit organizations to advertise and market directly to customers via a variety of print and electronic mediums.

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