It has round stems and glossy, bright green leaves. The tree is completely blocking the front of your house. Short of hiring a landscape architect, I'd take a picture of your situation and head to your local nursery. Don't think you need window boxes if you plant a lot of flowers but it wouldn't do any harm if that's what you like. Published by Adriene Vesci in Lawn & Garden • Plants. Here's the gray color on the shutters shirleenprescott. It grows quite long and will spread out low, hanging heavy towards the ground. Dried herbs are just as great for autumnal arrangements as they are for cooking, Chartreuse, Sage, Plum and Violet Combine for Inspired Interiors, Regal Lavender Rules Gardens Coast to Coast, 10 Perennials to Extend Your Garden's Summer Color, White Sage Shimmers in the Water-Wise Garden, Houzz Tour: Elegant and Modern in San Francisco, Get a Mediterranean-Style Garden Even Far From the Sea, Dry Your Garden Herbs for Casual Fall Decor. It matures to about 8-15 inches tall depending on the variety. Catnip has no showy fruits and Russian Sage has no showy fruits. They all are sun-loving perennials, need fast draining soil, and require little watering after they are established. Heather Fesmire | Digital Marketing Assistant Foliage & Branching Habits: Russian Sage is also in the mint family, just like Salvia. Ohh Deer! There are many factors to identifying plants – flowers, bloom time, foliage, branching habits, size, and growth. You can compare Catnip and Russian Sage facts and facts of other plants too. Russian Sage is a bit better than junipers. One has straighter and greener leaves while the other has silver-ish green leaves with ridges or whatever you call those. When you have exposed foundations like you haveI think a tiered effect is best with highly contrasting plants and border plants. I've been reading on how to fix the greying leaves and came upon the Russian Sage plant which can be mistaken for lavender. Salvia is also great for pollinators because they have lipped/lobed petals that create a perfect landing zone for a pollinator insect party! You might want to know the importance of Catnip and Russian Sage. Compare the facts of Catnip vs Russian Sage and know which one to choose. Also Catnip is not flowering and Russian Sage is not flowering . Care & Companions: Russian Sage is drought tolerant and deer/pest resistant. They are easy to care for, making them excellent beginner plants. Catmint vs. Watch our short video of Ann, Greenhouse Assistant, to learn more about these three plants. Salvia and veronica thrive in zones 3-8, while Russian sage is suited to zones 4-8. Depending on where the OP resides, it is rather unlikely Russian sage would be showing much in the way of fresh leaf growth this early in the growing season. Compare their benefits, which differ in many ways like facts and uses. All perennials are 20% OFF. I think you need to start over. Care & Companions: Salvia is deer and rabbit resistant and quite dense. It is similar in resemblance, with square stems and opposite blue-green leaves. Basic starter home, three blocks from the beach. Caradonna – blue violet flowers, dark purple flower stems, and long showy bloom. Prune old flowers of Salvia to encourage continued blooming. But, at closer look, you can see they are quite different. Care & Companions: Veronica loves summer sun. Beautiful sprouting stems, green foliage, and pink to purple blossoms – at first glance, Salvia, Russian Sage, and Veronica look identical. Catmint used to have problems with maintaining its mounded shaped – often falling open in the middle and making it a less viable sub for lavender. As a member of the mint family, Russian sage will grow well throughout zones 4 to 9. 'Lacey Blue' P. atriplicifolia Height/Spread: 18 to 24 inches tall & wide Bloom Time: Early summer to fall. Russian Sage should be pruned in early spring. The foliage and branching habits of these three plants can also help tell them apart. Pollinators are attracted to their fragrant scent. The medicinal use of Catnip is Arthritis, Cold, constipation, Fever, Insomia, Migraines and Upset stomach whereas of Russian Sage is Treating fever. Catnip has beauty benefits as follows: Not Available while Russian Sage has beauty benefits as follows: Not Available. Bloom Time: Salvia blooms June through September, and has the potential to re-bloom. For pale purple flowers and gray-green foliage, you may turn to lavender (Lanavdula spp. Bloom Time: Russian Sage is one month behind Salvia, blooming July through October. These flowers are tall and airy, creating a lavender-blue cloud of color. You didn't mention whether you amended the soil-could be a problem. Varieties at Bucks Country Gardens: Perovskia Atriplicifolia/Superba – light blue/lavender flowers grey-green foliage. Salvia, Russian Sage, & Veronica, Fall Perennial and Ornamental Grass Maintenance, Bug Off! Silvery stems in winter and a haze of purple blooms in spring and summer make this spiky plant a year-round performer in the garden, Learn how to grow this fragrant, beautiful herb and show off its full beauty in the landscape, Revive summer-weary gardens with outstanding late bloomers such as toad lily, Russian sage, blanket flower and more, Get a whiff of this salvia for a garden experience to remember. As garden plants have benefits and other uses, allergy is also a major drawback of plants for some people. Flowers: Russian Sage always has lavender purple flowers. Hi. Because Russian Sage loves the heat and summer sun, they are superb companions for Succulents, Ornamental Grasses, Butterfly Bushes, and other perennials like Cone Flowers, Milkweed, and Bee Balm. The leaves are supposed to be grayish in color. My plant has two different looking leaves from different stems. In the summer, Salvia flower spikes bloom abundantly and have larger flowers than Veronica. Bearing a resemblance to lavender, Russian sage grows in areas that are too cold to grow lavender. Or come on into the Garden Center and one of our garden experts will be able to determine the best plant for your space. Foliage & Branching Habits: Salvia is in the mint family. You could use something vertical in the left side garden but not something that is going to be enormous when it's finished growing.... We have gardens in front of our walkways so have attached a pic of the idea....these gardens never cease to "do their thing"....Phlox in Pink, Purple, White, Red and Coneflowers. We have an abundance of Blue Hill Salvia flourishing amongst our roses in our garden beds. I know junipers are shrubs, but many people plant the Russian Sage as a shrub-like plant. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) - Bucks Country Gardens - All Rights Reserved. Bloom Time: Russian Sage is one month behind Salvia, blooming July through October. Friday 9am–7pm It has an upright growth habit and enjoys full early spring to fall sunshine. Foliage & Branching Habits: Russian Sage is also in the mint family, just like Salvia. Ann Buckwalter | Greenhouse Assistant Depending on where the OP resides, it is rather unlikely Russian sage would be showing much in the way of fresh leaf growth this early in the growing season. I think your porch would look very attractive if taken right to the end of the house with a nice up-to-date railing....Widen the width of the stairs out a bit too....It appears you have two walkways so instead of the horrible task of removing them and putting new ones in, why not use that space between the two for a beautiful garden. If you where to have a tree, I'd go the the right corner away from the house-nothing that is going to get big or have deep roots. There are many different types of lavender and some that come with dentate (French lavender - Lavandula dentata) or toothed leaves. Compare Catnip and Russian Sage as they differ in many characteristics such as their life, care, benefits, facts, etc. It has square stems and opposite blue-green leaves that are round with slight notches. When rubbed together, it does not produce a minty smell like Russian Sage and Salvia. I believe that plants with serrated leaves are russin sage, ones with smooth leaves look like lavender to me.

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