in a medium bowl, mix together dry ingredients: oats, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon until combined. Bake at 350 degrees for about 26 minutes. While I absolutely love this apple cinnamon streusel baked oatmeal, this PB&J baked oatmeal recipe is now definitely one of my all-time favorite baked oatmeal recipes. Store in a air-tight container or gallon-size zipper bag in the fridge for up to a week or freezer for up to 3 months. . These easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Baked Oatmeal Cups are the perfect healthy breakfast or whole grain snack on the go! yet another b, if you haven’t already, today is the last day! Vegan and gluten-free. . If you like to make delicious dishes but don’t want to eat unhealthy foods then try this recipe. have you made my chocolate chip pumpkin bread yet? OR add chocolate chips You definitely have options here, and these baked oatmeal cups are so simple to make! Or if you don’t like jelly/jam…you can absolutely omit (but I mean, how fun is the jelly layer in the middle?!) These peanut butter and jelly baked oatmeal cups are made with 100% pantry staple ingredients…so you have no excuse not to make these ASAP! They have a delicious fluffy-like texture that is completely different from stove-top cooked oats. double chocolate peanut butter banana muffins, Roasted Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs. Whisk in egg, then add peanut butter and honey. or take a photo and tag me. Hi I just baked a batch of the peanut butter banana oatmeal cups and wanted to be sure I cooked them long enough. They’re pre-portioned so . 1/2 cup roll, PUMPKIN SPICE PEANUT BUTTER BITES They’re convenient and easy to grab on my way out the door if I don’t have time to make breakfast. I’ve posted about baked oatmeal cups before sharing this original recipe for banana oatmeal cups and these pumpkin oatmeal cups, but I wanted to put together a full post about baked oatmeal cups because they’re pretty special and perfect for meal prep. . Oatmeal has additionally been shown to decrease levels of cholesterol and will maintain you full for hours! You really just can’t go wrong with classic PB&J flavors. Vegan and gluten-free. we have, still can’t believe all these boys are mine, i’m just a girl with a major sweet tooth tha, PANCAKE CHOCOLATE CHIP BANANA MUFFINS used, this is best thing i ate this week what’s th, homemade peanut butter chocolate chip protein bars, every time the weather gets colder, i always rando, island soyaki salmon with veggie fried rice & stea, loaded snack board for my crew my newest baked oa, GOUDA, BACON, & APPLE GRILLED CHEESE APPLE PIE OVERNIGHT OATMEAL I've also tried making these muffins with. Spray muffin pan with cooking spray and distribute batter evenly among tins. This post is sponsored in partnership with Vital Proteins. Ingredients: -2 cups quick oats (you can use rolled but quick gives the BEST texture & it holds together better) -1.5 cups whole milk (or any nut milk/ alternative) -1/3 cup peanut butter -1/4 cup maple syrup -1 egg -1 tbsp chia seeds (or flax or hemp) -1 tsp baking powder -2 tsp vanilla extract… Top with remaining batter. These peanut butter and jelly baked oatmeal cups are the PERFECT meal-prep breakfast option! Fill muffin tins with a small scoop of batter, then layer with approximately 1 teaspoon of jam/jelly of choice. Thank you for your support! On top of the liquid ingredients, add oats, cinnamon, baking powder, and salt. Your email address will not be published. Your instructions said 20 min or until cooked through so I wanted to make sure I cooked them long enough. privacy policy, Last weekend, I made these peanut butter banana oatmeal cups (plus. Stir dry ingredients together on top and then mix dry ingredients all the way in with liquid ingredients. Reply. honey cinnamon (copy-cat RX) peanut butter, Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter (Copy-Cat RX Nut Butter), Cinnamon Roll Pecan Butter — Audra's Appetite, Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats, Espresso Chocolate Chip Bread — Audra's Appetite, 1 egg OR 1 flax egg (1 tbsp ground flax + 2.5 tbsp water). Perfect for on-the-go breakfast and snacking! I only work with brands who I trust, use and can recommend personally. And when o, If you try these peanut butter banana oatmeal cups, let me know in a comment (and leave a star rating!) . Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework. We love beginning our day with peanut butter banana baked oatmeal, it’s far the appropriate healthful breakfast recipe. Here’s why: You can make one big batch and keep them in your fridge for a week or freezer for up to 3 months. The key is to take out the oil and other greasy ingredients such as butter, cream cheese, and other processed items from your recipe so that it is healthier.

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