Easily. Rock Lee is a master of taijutsu, ... he is badass enough, as shown in Boruto. NEXT: Naruto: The 10 Most Tragic Backstories In The Series, Ranked. However, that does not mean he had all of the best ones. What a drag having to read all this.... anyways, boruto wasn’t keeping up with base naruto at all and naruto used a shadow clone bc he was airborne and this supported by the fact that naruto speed blitzed boruto in the v next panel. Boruto is definitely fast enough and I said that Karma's absorption would do nothing, Karma is a physical amp too. Sakura Haruno barely did anything in the original Naruto series, but when it came to early Naruto Shippuden and the sequel series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, her real fighting abilities shined through. However, because of this, all of his canonical fights were detailed and crips. If he does so, I believe he will be able to bring it to the point. Meanwhile rock Lee only has only taijutsu. By Boruto, Naruto is less regimented and relies heavily on his raw power. Brianna Albert is an author, writer, reader, and seasonal anime watcher. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Subreddit about the new series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Press J to jump to the feed. No one seemed to care that much about the Rock Lee battle as I was mostly talking about the feat from the anime but I think that this definitely applies to the manga too as Boruto is stronger because of his karma seal, Manga spoilers ahead so you've been warned if you are anime only fan. As the titular and main character of the series, Naruto Uzumaki had the most fights out of anyone in the series. His trainning session with base hokage Naruto, I'm going to use feat B because we can actually scale this, all Boruto does is absorb a very powerful fire style jutsu and as Lee can't use ninjutsu this doesn't help. So it is now confirmed that the Karma seal has an affect on Boruto's chakra and physical abilities, making them much stronger as remarked by Naruto and Kawaki, but by how much, well Boruto was able to fight a base Naruto pretty evenly (when he had his Karma seal active) in terms of taijutsu, there are a couple of times where Naruto has the upper hand but the fight is not a landslide victory in Naruto's favour. It was a battle with a melancholic conclusion, but a very impactful one on Naruto. RELATED: 10 Naruto Characters Who Deserve To Wield One For All. Rock Lee, on the other hand, trains daily, can use seven out of eight gates, and is as fierce as ever. The mental, as well as real-life battles, he introduced to the series were iconic and called back in many of the Ulitmate Ninja Storm games. Plus 6th gate Lee is fast enough to ignite oxygen in the air with his punches. So manga Boruto's best feat has been either A. his battle with Kashin Koji or B. : 5 Changes The Abridged Series Made That Improved The Anime (& 5 That Made It Worse), One Piece: 9 Things That Make No Sense About Vinsmoke Sanji, Yu-Gi-Oh! The most famous example would be his battle against Pain where he went all-out with Sage Mode and summoned his giant frog, along with the two others. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As it went on for quite a while, many characters had the screen time to show their capabilities in a fight, such as Naruto and Sasuke. After the truth of his character was revealed, he propelled to become one of the most beloved characters in the series as well as anime in general. RELATED: Naruto: 10 Awesome Rock Lee Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime. 6 Rock Lee. The short answer is he isn't. She might even survive it long enough with Byakugo/Katsuyu after he’s dead.

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