5. 6. Note: Apostrophes should not be used with possessive pronouns because possessive pronouns already show possession -- they don't need an apostrophe. Ours does not need an apostrophe. Apostrophes Quiz; A Printable Apostrophes Quiz. The mices cages were filled with cheese. 2. Plenty of practice with worksheets and with feedback regarding errors helps students use the apostrophe appropriately. These apostrophe worksheets are free for you to use in class or at home. Do not use an apostrophe with plural dates. Apostrophe worksheets, punctuation worksheets, punctuation lesson plans. Apostrophes Worksheet; Explanation and examples of how to use apostrophes in contractions and to show possession of a noun. B. Learn how too use the apostrophe with these apostrophe worksheets and printables. The baby’s name was very unusual. Contractions were built on this. ANSWERS B Missing apostrophes! A. Kinya’s contains a correct apostrophe. Our apostrophes worksheets have all the answers to help them navigate text that includes this tricky little punctuation mark. Apostrophes Worksheets. Practice involves rewriting/forming new sentences. Rewrite each sentence using the correct punctuation. Apostrophes can be the source of many questions as students learn to read and write. The babies’ cries could not be ignored. Creating possessive nouns Examples: My car’s tires are all flat. Exclamation Points Worksheet The employees’ Christmas party was a great success. Advertisement: Apostrophes & Contractions: Apostophes (Julie Wiskow) Possessive … by Sarah Williams “The lesser spotted apostrophe: a rare bird, whose alighting enlightens.” This light-hearted worksheet tackles the source of many errors in written English: misunderstanding of the uses of the apostrophe [ ‘ ] punctuation sign. Apostrophes can also be used in a similar fashion for numbers. Ours should have an apostrophe between the r and s: our’s. It may stand for deleted letters, as in a contraction, or it may be a way to show ownership, as in a possessive, and it may look identical to a single quotation mark. His, her(s), its, my, mine, your(s), our(s), their(s) are all possessive pronouns. Last month’s profits were disappointing. Apostrophes Apostrophes have four main roles: creating possessive nouns (both singular and plural), creating possessive indefinite pronouns, representing omitted letters in a word, and forming plurals of letters and numbers. _____ 1. The mice’s cages 3. English language worksheet II . The children’s competition was won by a five year old boy from Oxford. Answers The dog’s bone 1. We need your resources! Angelas decorations looked amazing. (singular, indicates the tires of one car) o Both of my bikes’ lights need batteries. The teachers’ classrooms 5. Grammar worksheets esl, printable exercises pdf, handouts, free resources to print and use in your classroom A. POSTROPHES. Our apostrophes worksheets have all the answers to help them navigate text that includes this tricky little punctuation mark. This happens often when we right dates such as: I was born in ’02. The dogs bone was found in the garden. End Punctuation Worksheets. Three differentiated worksheets that focus on being able to use apostrophes for possession. A cars four tires have to be filled with air. 2. B. Hosted by: Tweet Our Other Site: ENGLISH: Sentence Level: Apostrophes & Contractions . Annoying music escaped from Kinya’s ear buds. 1. A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about apostrophe, apostrophe Angela’s decorations 2. Buy your own pens! Apostrophes can be the source of many questions as students learn to read and write. Check your answers with the interactive version of the exercise. The teachers classrooms will all be cleaned this week. A. Advertisement. Click here to find out how to contribute! 7. If your students can't tell the difference between worms for sale or worm's for sale, set the record straight with this no prep unit that will arouse student interest in contractions, indefinite possessive pronouns, and individual and joint ownership. A car’s four tires 4. Primary Resources - free worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for primary and elementary teachers. 1. apostrophe or –s. His child’s backpack 6. You cannot borrow ours. Words such as: can’t, we’ll, and shouldn’t are all formed with apostrophes. I will = I’ll the blizzard of ‘99 the roaring 1920s making all a’s in class >> APOSTROPHES << ⇨Directions: Write in the blank any word that requires an apostrophe or an apostrophe and –s. 4. Apostrophes & Contractions. No apostrophe is needed. An apostrophe is a versatile punctuation mark. If it is correct, write correct in the blank. 3. Note: As a general rule, if the possessive noun is an inanimate object (not living, no causal agency) then no apostrophe is needed.

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